​I am a theater producer and arts educator that specializes in professional level youth theater. My career spans 24 plus years and over that time I have had many working artists teach, choreograph, and direct for me. Alexis Carra and Chryssie Whitehead have worked in all three of those capacities for me. In addition, when raising money for scholarship programs they have separately and together stepped up volunteering their time and talent to support children in the arts. Both ladies are incredibly generous teachers with their passion for excellence in the arts and that passion is contagious in any classroom setting. Students walk away from classes inspired, confident and feeling powerful. Because they each have impressive skills in dance, direction and choreography Alexis and Chryssie make a formidable team.

"Any student, adult or youth, will be touched by their grace, their pride in excellence, their warm hearts and talent."


                                                                       Debbie Martinez 

Theater Producer/Arts educator


"I have had the incredible privilege of taking their theatre class at the Edge Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles and seeing them perform, so I know from personal experience that these two exceptional artists are also devoted and gifted teachers!"

                                         "I honestly can’t imagine a better environment for theatre addicts to grow!"

Elkin Antoniou  

Producer | Director | Former Musical Theatre Professional 

Both actresses/educators, Alexis and Chryssie have vast careers working as dancers, actresses and singers on Broadway, television, film and commercials, as well as over fifteen years teaching master classes across the USA and abroad. Alexis & Chryssie met on the national/international tour of Fosse in Japan in 2001. They went on to become roommates, best friends and now business partners who have an immense passion for passing their knowledge on to the next generation of performers, sharing all that it takes to work in the entertainment business in every facet. Broadway Arts Camp includes a faculty with an extensive background performing on Broadway and in regional theatre, as well as a vast teaching experience at the collegiate level at AMDA College and Conservatory for the Performing Arts in New York & LA. This is to assure each young artist will learn from the working professionals and inspiring educators. 

"You have two women here who will dish out nothing but quality. Anyone fortunate enough to work with Alexis and Chryssie is going to have a life that is filled with light and knowledge."

Deb McWaters ​- Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Broadway Theatre Project, FL 





"I had an incredibly joyous, as well as, educational experience with Alexis. She was very kind and patient and considerate of my concerns, and helped me address each one of them. Her experience in the industry delegates her as one of the best educators in the LA area about audtions for a NYC theatrical lifestyle. After working with her, I felt confident in my abilities and was prepared to audition and hold my own against other dancers who had been auditioning for years. I apply what I learned in a short session with Alexis every day on the road with Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella, as well in auditions and classes."


                     "I would not be the performer I am today without having worked with Alexis."

                                                                                                                                                                                           Brian Liebson

                                                                                                                                               Performer on "Cinderella" National Tour

"One of my very first dance classes ever was with Chryssie. Going into it, I was nervous because I had never really danced before, but she made me feel so comfortable at the level I was at and pulled from me this passion for dance and musical theatre and encouraged me to keep working toward it. Three years later and I'm pursuing a degree in musical theatre, doing shows, and dancing almost every single day. She truly serves all levels and is so happy to give her love, guidance, wisdom and passion to all those who are ready to work, dance, and play. 


                                               "I think of Chryssie whenever I dance. She gave me such a gift."

Anna Vizzarre 

College student at University of Washington, Seattle

Assistant at BAC Seattle 

*Favorite Roles together have Performed:
Lola in Damn Yankees 
Cassie in A Chorus Line
Bombalurina in CATS
Liane in GIGI

LOS ANGELES: August 6 - 12th


"Both Chryssie and Alexis were pivotal to my musical theatre training in Los Angeles before moving to New York City! They not only teach you to command a room through movement and performance, but they give you the tools to develop as an actor and vocalist in this 'triple threat' industry."

"To this day, I still try to emulate their passion and fire that first sparked my choice to pursue a professional career in the arts!"


Chloe Lafleur

Recent Graduate from Loyola Marymount University

Assistant at BAC Los Angeles